Holy *@$Z!* Where did my kid hear this?

swearingThe other night at dinner, our not-yet-9-year-old son asked me what a c***s***er was. He actually asked just like that, asterisks and all.

“I know the F word and the S word and the D word and the B word, but what word is that?” he asked.

What the bleep?

He told me he was checking the parental warnings of a movie he and a friend wanted to watch On Demand and that word appeared on the TV screen so they didn’t watch it. I had no idea they actually specify which words might be heard in a film. They do. (They also mention what nude body parts you might see, just an FYI.)

To hear him rattle off the ABCs of curse words was unnerving to say the least. Where has he learned all this?

I remember when we were kids – I was the oldest of the group and probably 8 – we found the “F” word scratched into a fence behind our playhouse. We ran inside and asked our mom what it meant. She said, and I quote, “It’s an ugly word for a beautiful thing.”

We didn’t have a clue what she was talking about, but we were instructed not to say it. My mom used to say things like “Fiddlesticks,” when she was mad. If my Norwegian grandma was disgusted, you’d hear her say, “Uff da.”

Unfortunately today, kids hear a lot worse. Most wouldn’t have to ask the meaning if they saw a bad word scrawled on a wall.

I monitor what my son watches, but it seems like swearing is everywhere and it’s acceptable if there’s that beeeeeeeeeeeeeep in place of the word. Cursing is commonplace in the media, on pop radio, in PG movies, and on the playground. Older siblings also share lots of choice words with younger kids.

Swearing itself doesn’t bother me – my vocabulary includes some fine examples. Too often my son hears me exclaim, “Shit! I mean, shoot!” usually when I spill something, miss a freeway exit, or forget to pack a lunch. And he scolds me for such language.

Sometimes after he’s gone to bed and I’m watching the news (Oh what the h-e-double toothpicks it might have been the Real Housewives), he overhears and yells, “Mom, you know I can hear that? And it’s not appropriate!”

He knows he’s not supposed to say bad words and he doesn’t repeat them (at least in front of me.) But sadly, he’s heard a lot of them. Some moms don’t seem to care – YouTube is full of videos of babies and toddlers dropping the F bomb – but I don’t want my kid talking like that.

So we’re going to watch our tongues and enact a few more parental controls of our own. And he’s just going to have to wait a while to find out about any of those “C” words.

Gosh darn it.




7 thoughts on “Holy *@$Z!* Where did my kid hear this?

  1. Mary Job

    God help us. My kid is just 5 and sometimes I can’t help but ask who told you that. School isn’t helping. They go to school and hear what everyone says, then come back to recount. When she starts telling me stories, she would spend an hour analysing. One time she told me, why are you lying face up, that’s not a good sleeping posture. Nice one that is. You can’t say F**k here, where are you going to say you heard it from? Ha-ha. God is your strength. You have taught your kid good values. Don’t stop, give no room for peer pressure. Cheerios.

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  2. Errant Parent

    Haha, I had a good chuckle at this! (Sorry, mama!) I just totally pictured the exchange of words and couldn’t help but laugh.

    I’m not looking forward to this occurrence in my household. My toddler is already mimicking like a little parrot, and my 11 year old stepson is exposed to cursing on the daily in all those YouTube videos he watches online. Luckily, he’s mature enough not to repeat anything he hears.

    I wish I had some advice. Just had to stop by to say good luck!

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  3. Mary Ann Solmonson

    Hi Catherine,

    The joys of being a good Mother in a world very unlike the one we grew up in are yours as you teach Hawke by example. Good for you!

    Interesting way you ended: “Gosh darn it.” That’s an expression to this day I cannot voice. I was taught that meant “God dammit.”. I was also taught that “thinking” bad words was as bad as saying them. It’s gotta be tough both being a kid these days and being the mother of a kid these days….when “most anything goes.”. I’m proud you’re both wanting to be and being a good Mom!

    Love your writing! Maybe you ought to do it for a living! Ha!

    Old stuffy Grandpa Al

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